Pilgrimage to Grafton’s Tomb

Thanks to an internet outage and crazy hectic schedules, I’m only just now uploading pictures from our pilgrimage to St. Paul’s Cathedral in Fond du Lac way back on March 12.  I took a kazillion pictures simply because it’s an amazing place, but I won’t subject you to all of them here and now.  We had a couple of wonderful tour guides that were able to tell us quite a lot about the history of the place.  After the tour was over, we all roamed around and studied various things that caught our interest, reassembling at noon for mass in a small side chapel.  The drive there and back was lovely; even though it was chilly, there were many places that had less snow than we had at home at that point, and the rural farm areas are something I love to see/drive through.  It was a huge blessing to be a part of the small group from the House that traveled together on this refreshing trek.

P1000355The baptismal font

P1000365St. Margaret defeats the devil.  On a side note, the dragon’s tongue is removable, and underneath it was a good place to sneak in love notes from the outside when St. Margaret resided in a girls’ school.

P1000362This is one of thirteen gorgeously detailed wooden statues that were imported from Germany in the 19th century.  There are six on each side of the nave, being the twelve apostles.  This one, St. Paul, resides in the back of the nave.

P1000354The windows in the nave depict scenes from the life and ministry of St. Paul.  Here he is putting his hands on St. Timothy, as spoken of in 2 Timothy 1:6.

P1000352Close to the ceiling, there are gorgeous paintings capturing different moments from Christ’s life.  Unfortunately, they are just in such a position that it was difficult to make out all the wonderful details, which is where a decent camera and a zoom option came in handy. 🙂

P1000351These angels were purchased with the 13 statues; they were all originally this honey colour, but the statues darkened when they were sent out to be cleaned.

P1000308Bl. Bp. Grafton’s tomb


P1000307The preaching pulpit

P1000313The golden-tongued preacher

P1000368Oh. By the way.  Even though it was scarcely above freezing (if at all), I went barefoot, because Fr. Koehler dared me to, and, well, I’ll take pretty much any excuse to go barefoot.

P1000318The organ was huge.  If I remember rightly, 2,000+ pipes.


P1000331Mary Magdalene: showing Bollywood actresses how it should be done for two millennia.

P1000349The angel of death

P1000334The details on all the woodwork were so incredible.



P1000297Okay, so this was just incredible.  In a side chapel, a painted/enameled marble altar frontal.  Apparently there has only been one artist able to successfully use this technique, and only three of these frontals existing in the States.






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