Rearranging, Sunlight, and Textures

Can you believe January is gone already? It was a busy month for us, yet in many ways, more relaxed.  Stephen didn’t have classes, so we had time for a visit to his family in Hillsdale, as well as catching up on household things.  This last week, in anticipation of Candlemas, we took down our Christmas decorations and rearranged the living room.  Since it’s sunshiny this morning, you get pictures of said living room.

P1000254I love how much sunlight our big windows let in!

P1000256We took down the big, somewhat dreary painting from over the couch and put a family collage there instead, with a collection of woodcuttings featuring the lives of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son to the west and a poster celebrating a millennium of Christianity in Russia to the east, where a (rather boring and tacky) poster advertising Nashotah House had formerly hung.

P1000255We had had our Advent wreath, a couple of icons, and some decorative snowflakes on this little side table, but we moved the icon to the hall where the my collage had hung before, and of course put the Advent/Christmas stuff in its box, so we moved out the candles that we sometimes have lit at dinnertime to fill up the empty space.  And I just realised, this must sound rather boring to y’all.  Sorry.  I only have a few pictures left.

P1000262I switched out the Christmas tablerunner for the summer one.  I could’ve gone to the spring one, but this one makes up for the lack of geraniums in our house, seeing as it features geraniums on the pink print.  I’m looking forward to planting some geraniums in a pot this spring with seeds that Hilary brought me from her plants at Christmas!

P1000260So.  I’m a sucker for textures and colors.  I’m loving this new stitch pattern I made up for a baby afghan I’m designing.  It’s horizontally striped, but because of the surface v stitches, it looks vertically striped.  Which is tricky.  And I love being tricky.

P1000261Also, it’s soft.  Super duper soft.  I’m looking forward to sharing more pictures of this fun design with you in a few weeks, when it will be bigger and have another color.  🙂


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