Why does food have to be so photogenic? I mean, think about it.  If food was ugly, thousands of crazy Facebookers and Instagrammers and Pinteresters wouldn’t even think about filling your news feed with pictures of their delicious breakfast…or lunch…or dinner…or snack. But God, for reasons of his own, made food beautiful. Especially lemon meringue pies. Mmm.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Some food isn’t so much beautiful as just plain cute. I made springerle for the first time this morning, and despite the fact that they all puffed on the bottom instead of on the top, which makes them look a bit like confused mortarboards, they seem to have turned out.  Behold, the kitty-cat:

Kitty Springerle

This fossil-like bird looks downright evil:

Evil Bird Fossil Springerle

And I’m not entirely sure what this creature is…I’m not sure it is, either.  It looks surprised and perhaps a bit disturbed, too:

Surprised Springerle Creature

Oh, this one’s playing possum.

Opossum Springerle

Okay, so I’m really not gonna show you ALL the different designs my cool vintage springerle press makes. Just one more:

Fast Fish Springerle

When I was little, we had a Richard Scarry book (well, lots of them, actually; I was explaining this to my poor husband who has not experienced the joy of reading a Richard Scarry book and discovered that none of them must have been mine, because my shelves are sadly devoid of the charm of his illustrations…I guess you know what I’ll be hoping to find next time I raid a thrift store), but the best one had tons of different clever stories about various animal characters and their adventures.  One of the best was about a family of bears (or was it hedgehogs?), and the reason it was the best was that they all have apple dumplings in the end.  Those dumplings always fascinated me, and I decided to make some one day.  One day can be a long time coming, but when it comes…well…I must say, in this case, it did not disappoint.


Okay, so, yeah, I’m weird.  I believe that all pastry covered in cinnamon sugar and baked is just gorgeous. But when you cut into the perfectly baked apple and pour on some cider sauce…


…and you take a few more bites and discover the raisin/butter/cinnamon sugar filling…

Apple Dumpling

Yep.  It’s magic.  This was a Cook’s Country recipe, though, so I really didn’t expect any less.

And that’s it.  I’ll leave you poor salivating persons to get back to your tasks at hand while I betake me off to the kitchen to clean up the glorious mess that somebody left in there.


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