Christmas Visit

As Stephen mentioned, we got to have Fred and Hilary for a visit during the first bit of Christmas. While they were here, Hilary, Fred, and I put together a few puzzles (which is one of our favourite Christmas customs), while Stephen finally got to get in some reading he’d been wanting to do, since he’s not old enough for puzzles yet.


Of course, one of the great things about getting together with my family is that we tend to make good food, and lots of it. On Friday, we made a Super Pizza to eat while we watched Les Miserables (because it is important to ensure that everyone present has seen as many of the Right Movies as possible, right? To this end, we watched various other things together, like Bolt, Planes, Despicable Me, Megamind, the video of our rehearsal and wedding, and a few episodes of Middleman).


On Saturday, the Feast of the Holy Innocents, we all went to Ben and Carrie’s wedding together, which was beautiful. We also wore coordinating clothes, and our friend Sarah Kidd took some lovely pictures to prove it.


On Sunday, Hilary and Fred joined us in the choir at All Saints’ Cathedral, then we spent the afternoon with our friends, the Kidds, caroling at a nursing home. We came home to have breakfast for dinner, which Hilary made her amazing doughnuts for.


On New Year’s Eve, we had a floor party with our neighbours, the MacMillans, and a few other friends. Fred grilled eight pounds of London Broil (a good deal of which is now in our freezer, to be used throughout the next few months), Hilary made an eight-layer dip, and Fred put up more of our Christmas lights for us.


January 1 (Feast of the Circumcision of Christ) was Fred’s last day here, so it was pretty busy. Hilary and Fred went sledding, something they hadn’t had the opportunity to do in years.


Then we settled in for a good game of Catan.


Hilary stayed on a couple days longer than Fred did, and we had lots more fun playing games, making goodies, and putting together puzzles. We were sad to see both of them go, but we did have a very good visit with them.

The house is rather quiet now that it’s just the two of us again, but we’re busy getting caught up on various tasks that we’ve gotten behind in and taking up new ones that need accomplished this month.

I hope you all are having a marvellous Christmas!


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